Press Release: Anaheim Police Overwhelmingly Vote "No Confidence" on Chief


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Anaheim Police Overwhelmingly Vote "No Confidence" on Chief
87% of members vote no confidence on Raul Quezada

ANAHEIM, Calif., August 10, 2017 - The Anaheim Police Association (APA) recently conducted a 'vote of no confidence' on Anaheim Chief of Police Raul Quezada. Results showed that 87% (319 votes) of the APA's active membership voted in favor, having no confidence in Chief Quezada's leadership, management, and actions. 

Further, rank and file police officers believed he should retire, step down or be removed from his position immediately. Only 13% (47 votes) did not support a vote of no confidence on the city's top law-enforcement and management official. The survey was completed by 366 of 384 active members, representing a 95% voter turnout rate from its 384 active members.

"We did not undertake a vote of no confidence lightly as we have diligently attempted this year and many previous to get items back on track," said APA President Edgar Hampton, a police officer and retired military veteran.  According to Hampton, "this is not something you do to someone you work for; we respect the office, authority and chain of command. However, working for Chief Quezada has become near impossible and we are on a downward spiral."

Chief Quezada has been accused with numerous items, some of which include: 

  • Disregarding officer safety by ordering the removal of life-saving equipment from officers' belts because of its unappealing appearance
  • Failing to hold his managers accountable for mishandling major incidents such as when the horrible KKK held a rally along with other violent demonstrations
  • Routinely demonstrating favoritism by bypassing his own selection process for prestigious assignments
  • Displaying acts of retaliation by removing experienced and well-respected managers from their positions after learning they disagreed with his leadership of the department
  • Since he was appointed, Chief Quezada has continuously failed to unite his management team.

These are some of the many items he refuses to fix, solve, admit, recognize and more.

Sadly, the Anaheim Police Department continues to endure the most dysfunctional management team in the history of the department. When asked for his plan to bring the department together at last week's Training Auditorium Meeting, Chief Quezada took no responsibility and continued to blame others. Chief Quezada's last attempt to repair the damage he has caused only provided clear and convincing evidence of his disconnect, poor leadership, bullying tactics and poor management of the department. There has been a hostile work environment for a long time in the department, and it is in a downward spiral. More items will only surface and it will only get worse for him and APA members unless he resigns, retires and/or is dismissed.

The overwhelming response of a vote of no confidence by APA members attests to his poor management and lack of leadership. Chief Quezada has clearly lost the trust of his employees. Instead of demoralizing the employees who protect the largest and key tourism city in Orange County, Chief Quezada should have been providing a healthy and non-hostile work environment for all of his employees. An organization cannot function properly in an environment like this and ultimately it is the chief of police who has to fix it. 

We believe where there is smoke, there could be fire and believe there are more items associated with his management we have yet to learn about yet.


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