Press Release: Anaheim Police Challenge Chief’s Deceptive Remarks

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Anaheim Police Challenge Chief’s Deceptive Remarks
Vote of ‘no confidence’ update

ANAHEIM, CA, August 21, 2017 – The Anaheim Police Association today responded to Chief Raul Quezada’s misstatements, further lack of leadership, and poor management. The response comes one week after the APA released the results of its poll of its membership that showed 87 percent of rank-and-file police officers supporting a vote of ‘No Confidence.’

“Chief Quezada has made further misleading and deceptive comments about his employees, our members, and the facts while making no apologies for his lack of leadership as he continues blaming others for his poor decisions,” said APA President Edgar Hampton. 

“We will continue to shine the light on Chief Quezada’s actions and record, while he continues to make it impossible for his employees to work in a non-hostile environment,” said Hampton after several remarks made by the chief that Hampton said called for immediate clarification.

Body-worn Cameras – Chief Quezada has claimed the APA did not agree with the implementation of body-worn cameras by officers. On the contrary, this is completely false. The APA worked with the chief to bring this useful tool to its officers. In addition, the chief looked to the APA to help him develop the current policy for these devices, which have exonerated several members from false accusations. 

Internal Affairs Investigations – The chief suggested APA members were “spooked” by an uptick in internal affairs investigations. Once again, Chief Quezada is attempting to mislead the public and distort the truth. This is also entirely false and disturbing that he would accuse in this way the very employees he leads, hires and manages. Fact: the number of internal affairs investigations has been consistent or less since the use of body-worn cameras were implemented. The issue is not about disciplinary procedures, it is about the chief’s, and several individuals within his management team, lack of accountability who have repeatedly made poor decisions and mistreated employees with impunity. Chief Raul Quezada distorts the facts and has become a master, in his mind, of parsing statements that he thinks others cannot see through.

Policy Changes – The claim that the APA is unhappy with his "reforms" is once again false. The APA has not opposed a single policy change: body-worn cameras, the Major Incident Response Team (MIRT), patrol augmentation, mandatory overtime, the new force analysis system, the chief’s Neighborhood Advisory Council (CNAC), the Office of Independent Review (OIR), or the expansion of Cops for Kids (C4K) and Safe Schools.

“I was surprised to have been asked by the media if Chief Quezada’s being Latino had any bearing on the vote of no confidence,” said Hampton. “In fact, I was stunned.  As an African-American and retired veteran who was elected to lead my association by an overwhelming majority, I can completely and comfortably say race or ethnicity is not a factor at all. Our membership is made up of a diverse community of men and women from all walks of life, and we proudly embrace diversity.”

Added Hampton, “The men and women who make up the Anaheim Police Association have done a tremendous job over the past several years. All we’re asking is for our chief of police to speak honestly, create a healthy a positive work environment, and lead with integrity. To applaud the successes of the department with him as the reason then discount the fact that the employees are the ones making that success possible is disingenuous. Having an honest, competent, respected leader at the helm who takes ownership of mistakes and gives proper credit to those who deserve it would be a welcome change."

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