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Edgar Hampton, President


August 11, 2017


Membership Update

As the news media reports about our historical vote of "no confidence" in the leadership of Chief Raul Quezada, he continues to make misleading and, quite frankly, deceptive comments about our membership and the facts.  Yet again, he made no apologies for his lack of leadership and blamed others for his poor decisions. 

It was reported by CBS News that Chief Quezada claimed the APA resisted the many reforms and community outreach programs brought to the police department after 2012.  Specifically, the chief claimed the APA did not agree with the implementation of body worn cameras by officers.  To the contrary, the APA worked with the chief to bring this useful tool to our officers.  In fact, the chief looked to the APA to help him develop our current policy for these devices, which have exonerated our members from several false accusations.

The APA has not opposed a single policy change...not axon cameras, not MIRT, not augmenting, not mandatory OT, not the new force analysis system, not the public safety board, not CNAC, not expansion of C4K and Safe Schools and not making everything an IA by removing the option to make complaints inquiry's.

The claim that we are unhappy with his "reforms" is absolutely false.

The Chief suggested the APA membership was "frightened" by an uptick in Internal Affairs investigations.  Once again, Quezada is attempting to mislead the public and paint a false picture of our membership.  In fact, the number of internal affairs investigations has been consistent or less since the use of body worn cameras was implemented.  The issue is not about discipline of our membership, it is about the lack of accountability of Quezada and several within in his management team, who can repeatedly make poor decisions and mistreat employees with impunity.

As this process moves forward, we are confident the community will reach the same conclusion as our members.  They will also see his deceptive ways and manipulation of facts.  We will not stand by and allow Quezada to continue bullying and intimidating our membership.  We will continue to update our membership and the community with facts and the substantial evidence of Quezada's mismanagement of APD.


Edgar Hampton
Anaheim Police Association

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