Anaheim Police Survivors' and Scholarship Fund


The Anaheim Police Survivors' and Scholarship Fund (S&S Fund) was established in 1979. The Trust is organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes and is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3), Federal Tax ID #95-3493593. Specifically, the objectives and purposes of the Trust are as follows:

§  To create and maintain public memorials to recognize and honor those members of the Anaheim Police Department who gave their lives in the line of duty;

§  To provide financial assistance to the families of Anaheim Police Officers and other public safety personnel who are killed or severely injured in the line of duty;

§  To provide scholarships to the children of active Anaheim Police Officers who are entering college;

§  To provide scholarships to senior high school students in the Anaheim Police Explorer Post program who are applying for college;

§  To provide scholarships to individuals seeking to take classes offered through the North Orange County Regional Occupational Program in the area of Public Service/Public Protection.

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